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Alamogordo Red- Our winemaker's dry red blend similar to Tempranillo or Rioja wine. Notes of cherry, vanilla, cocoa, and oak. Hearty dry red wine.

Alamogordo Red

Alamogordo Red, named after our town, is our winemaker's red wine blend. Hearty, dry red with notes of cherry, vanilla, cocoa, and oak. Similar to a Rioja or Tempranillo. Perfect with steak or pasta...
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PistachioLand Stress Ball

What could be better as a souvenier than a squishy, fun-sized replica of the World's Largest Pistachio? Made of soft stressball material, this is the perfect gift for anyone who wants a little piece...
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Stanley the PistachioLand squirrel.

Stanley the PistachioLand Squirrel

A plush Stanley the PistachioLand Squirrel souvenir, dressed up in a green bandanna printed with our PistachioLand logo! Comes with a 4 oz. poly bag of pistachios, in one of many of our delicious...