Our souvenir keychains are perfect for anyone wanting a little piece of PistachioLand!

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  • Alien Bottle Opener Keychain

    Alien Bottle Opener Keychain

    This sturdy metal keychain featuring a fun alien design doubles as a bottle opener! Keep it handy along with your keys and remember- Don't drink and drive your flying saucer!

  • Alien Zia Keychain

    Alien Zia Keychain

    This keychain features two of the most popular symbols of New Mexico - The Zia, and the little green alien! That makes this keychain the perfect souvenir for anyone wanting a little piece of our beautiful state. 

  • Holy Ship! Keychain

    Holy Ship! Keychain

    Holy ship! This plastic keychain is printed with an adorable cartoon of a little green alien- The unofficial symbol of New Mexico! The perfect little gift for anyone wanting a cheeky souvenir from an extraterrestrial's favorite state.

  • Big Pistachio Stressball Keychain

    Big Pistachio Stressball Keychain

    Take home a souvenir that you can use everyday...the BIG Pistachio souvenir keychain! The World's Largest Pistachio is a major attraction here in New Mexico, and we want to make sure everyone is able to take home a piece of New Mexico history! Squishy...

4 of 4 Items