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The New Mexico Basket (Item Gift #1)

Attractive basket shrink-wrapped and filled with 16 oz. Chili mix poly bag, one 8 oz. poly bag Roasted/Salted in-shell pistachios, 1 Southwest Dip Mix, one 10 oz. zip bag of Pistachio Brittle, and one 10 oz. zip bag of Atomic Hot Chili Pistachio...

Sweet & Spicy Gift Tray (Item Gift #2)

Decorative tray with our best sellers: 8 oz. each of roasted/salted, green chili, red chili in-shell pistachios, 10 oz. pistachio brittle and 10 oz. atomic hot chili pistachios brittle. Tray designs and materials vary. Materials range from wicker, metal,...

Pistachio Trio Gift Box (Gift Item #5)

Three 8 oz. poly bags of in-shell pistachios including red chili, green chili, and roasted/salted, packaged in a festive gift box (box colors and design vary). Flavor substitutions may be made by calling 1-800-368-3081.

The Country Gift Tub (Gift Item #6)

Sample the bounty of New Mexico with a shrink-wrapped tub filled with 8 oz. poly bags each of Red Chili, Green Chili, Garlic, Lemon-lime and Roasted/Salted in-shell pistachios, one Southwest Dip Mix, 10 oz zip bags of Pistachio Brittle, Atomic Hot...

Mucho Grande Southwest Gift Basket (Gift Package #7)

A large basket of treats pefect for that special client or large group. Shrink-wrapped and filled with a 1 lb. burlap bag of Roasted/Salted In-shell pistachios, an 8 oz. poly bag each of Green Chili, Red Chili, Garlic, and Lemon-Lime in-shell pistachios,...

Gift #8: McGinn's Hand Crafted Candy Sampler Tray

A  tray filled with 5 bags of our hand crafted farm made Pistachio Candies packaged in 5 oz. resealable zip bags. Included is: The Ultimate Pistachio Brittle, Atomic Hot Chili Pistachio Brittle, Butter Toffee Pistachios, Cinnamon Pistachio Bites,...

Nuts & Candy Sampler Box (Item Gift #12)

A windowed box filled with 8 oz. of roasted and salted in shell pistachios and a 10 oz. zip bag of our fabulous pistachio brittle. A great gift at a great price! Box colors and designs may vary. Please call for product substitutions.

Gift #9 - Pistachio Nuts and Candy Gift Basket

Gift Basket filled with festive colored paper, shrinkwrapped with a big bow. NOTE: Basket designs and colors vary. May not be as pictured. Inside: Pistachio Brittle 10oz. Cinnamon glazed pistachio bites 10oz., Roasted/Salted 1lb. burlap bag in shell...

Game Time Snacks 5lb. Assortment

Pick your favorite flavored pistachios for game time party snacks. Choose 5 one pound poly. bags from our many flavors including: Roasted/Salted, Habanero Limon, Lemon Lime, Garlic, Ranch, Red Chili, Green Chili, The Works, The Chili Mix and...

Birthday Gift Box

A festive Happy Birthday gift box filled with your choice of 5 one pound pistachios and a 5 oz. pistachio brittle.

Pistachio of the Month Club

A great way to sample our pistachios in many flavors. For 3 months, receive 2 pounds of pistachios  (in shell only) each month. This includes 4 - 8 oz. bags of pistachios each month in a variety of flavors. Please specify the exact in shell flavors...