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  • PistachioLand Ornament

    PistachioLand Ornament

    Hang a pistachio on your tree this holiday season! This pistachio-shaped ornament is made of sturdy resin and painted with our name, and a big "GOING NUTS!" slogan! 

  • PistachioLand Bobblehead

    PistachioLand Bobblehead

    Sad you can't take the World's Largest Pistachio home with you? Well, this one isn't as large, but it is all yours! This sturdy resin bobblehead features our famous pistachio and a base featuring some extra pistachios and lovely green leaves. Bring home...

  • Alien Zia Keychain

    Alien Zia Keychain

    This keychain features two of the most popular symbols of New Mexico - The Zia, and the little green alien! That makes this keychain the perfect souvenir for anyone wanting a little piece of our beautiful state. 

  • Holy Ship! Keychain

    Holy Ship! Keychain

    Holy ship! This plastic keychain is printed with an adorable cartoon of a little green alien- The unofficial symbol of New Mexico! The perfect little gift for anyone wanting a cheeky souvenir from an extraterrestrial's favorite state.

  • PistachioLand Cutting Board

    PistachioLand Cutting Board

    These wooden cutting boards are woodburned with our logos for the perfect souvenir! Includes a handle for hanging display. Choose from the PistachioLand logo or the Arena Blanca Winery logo.

  • New Mexico Cutting Board

    New Mexico Cutting Board

    This jumbo-sized cutting board is the perfect centerpiece for a wine and cheese night. Beautiful bamboo, shaped like the state of New Mexico and sanded to a smooth finish. A perfect gift or souvenir for anyone wanting the best display piece and...

  • New Mexico Touring Pin

    New Mexico Touring Pin

    This enamel pin is shaped like the great state of New Mexico, and printed with our flag - A yellow field with a red Zia! The perfect gift or souvenir for anyone wanting to show a little New Mexico pride. 

  • PistachioLand Striped Cutting Board

    PistachioLand Striped Cutting Board

    This rustic cutting board is a lovely conversation piece at your next wine and cheese night! Small in size, with a hole bored through to hang on the wall when not in use. The perfect gift for anyone wanting a more "classy" souvenir!

  • Chile Magnet

    Chile Magnet

    If New Mexico is known for anything besides aliens, it's our chiles! This souvenir magnet is printed with an image of ristras- Strings of dried chiles, hung around the house as decoration.

  • Alien Magnet

    Alien Magnet

    Have a close encounter of your own with this souvenir magnet! This metal magnet is printed with the classic little green alien- Something New Mexico is famous for! 

  • New Mexico Ornament

    New Mexico Ornament

    Not just for the Christmas season anymore! This metal ornament is wrapped in decorative wire and painted with the red Zia symbol from our New Mexican flag. A great souvenir for anyone who wants a little piece of New Mexico for themselves. 

  • Big Pistachio Stressball Keychain

    Big Pistachio Stressball Keychain

    Take home a souvenir that you can use everyday...the BIG Pistachio souvenir keychain! The World's Largest Pistachio is a major attraction here in New Mexico, and we want to make sure everyone is able to take home a piece of New Mexico history! Squishy...

  • Who doesn't need one of these right now?

    PistachioLand Stress Ball

    What could be better as a souvenir than a squishy, fun-sized replica of the World's Largest Pistachio? Made of soft stressball material, this is the perfect gift for anyone who wants a little piece of PistachioLand to keep with them! 

  • PistachioLand Souvenir Pin

    PistachioLand Souvenir Pin

    The perfect souvenir for anyone who wants to keep the World's Largest Pistachio close to their heart! This small epoxy pin is printed with the name of America's famous farm, and art of our famous pistachio.

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