Souvenir magnets for the collector in all of us. 

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  • "Going Nuts!" Magnet

    "Going Nuts!" Magnet

    We all go a little nuts sometimes- Take pride in it! This green resin magnet is printed with the World's Largest Pistachio so you can keep it with you right at home!

  • New Mexico Zia Sunset Magnet

    New Mexico Zia Sunset Magnet

    The zia has a lot of meanings for New Mexico- The sun, the four cardinal directions, the seasons of the year, and many more! We've memorialized the zia on this sturdy circular sunset magnet. New Mexico native or just wanting to remember a vacation, this...

  • The Famous Nut Magnet

    The Famous Nut Magnet

    Want a souvenir featuring the famous pistachio? This one is for you! This shiny new magnet features everyone's favorite nut and is the perfect gift for any pistachio lover in your life.

  • I Heart NM Magnet

    I Heart NM Magnet

    This license plate-style magnet is done up in turquoise, yellow, and red- New Mexico's signature colors! The perfect souvenir for anyone homesick for the Land of Enchantment, or just for anyone who's fallen in love with our state!

  • New Mexico Rainbow Art Magnet

    New Mexico Rainbow Art Magnet

    This art magnet is printed with spattered rainbow artwork of the state of New Mexico. Made of sturdy metal, this magnet is a wonderful gift or souvenir for anyone who loves this beautiful state!

  • Wooden Chili Magnet

    Wooden Chili Magnet

    This rustic-style wooden magnet is dyed and printed with a ristra of dried red chilis- One of the symbols of the Southwest! A great little souvenir for anyone who loves New Mexico culture. 

  • Chile Magnet

    Chile Magnet

    If New Mexico is known for anything besides aliens, it's our chiles! This souvenir magnet is printed with an image of ristras- Strings of dried chiles, hung around the house as decoration.

11 of 11 Items