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750 ml bottle of Arena Blanca Chardonnay. Cellared by Arena Blanca Winery. A semi dry, fruity Chardonnay with mild oak notes, and a hint of green apple. Note: You must be 21 or older to order wine and to receive a wine shipment. UPS will not deliver...

Chocolate Diablo Wine

Chocolate and wine together in one bottle. Truly a sweet, delicious combination of wine and chocolate. A gold medal and best of show award winner. Prices include additional alcohol shipping costs. Alcohol must be signed for by an adult over 21 at...

La Luz Red Wine

Named after the village near our farm, La Luz Red is a sweet, red wine blend. This is a very popular wine among those who want the health benefits of red wine, but like it sweet. On the bottle it reads, sweet, full bodied, and sinful. UPS requires...

Montano Blanco Wine

A sweet white wine blend with peach. Additional wine shipping and packaging costs are added to per bottle cost. UPS requires signature to deliver of a person 21 or older. Must be 21 to purchase and to receive wine.   *PLEASE NOTE: An adult over...

Pistachio Delight Wine

$12.75 We make our wines and what better combination from our Vineyard and Pistachio Orchard can there be, but Pistachio Wine? This is our signature wine, which is a...

Pomegranate Wine

We make our wines on site. Real pomegranate fruit makes this a sweet, tangy pomegranate fruit wine. We started making this wine back in 2008 when a local farmer had a bumper crop of pomegranates. Now it is one of our best selling ones. A past...

Sweet Clarissa Wine

Sweet Clarissa is a red wine blend infused with cherry. Very sweet! A dessert wine most definitely. This wine is produced by the McGinn Family at PistachioLand and bottled under our Arena Blanca label.