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Our Delicious Pistachio Brittle without the Sugar. NOTE: Pistachios and other nuts contain natural sugars from carbohydrates (fiber, protein).

No Sugar Added Pistachio Brittle 7 oz

Yes! Our very own farm made pistachio brittle without the sugar. Made with Lycasin syrup and sucralose and simply delicious! NOTE: Pistachio nuts contain natural sugars. 7 oz-poly zip bag. Allergens: Tree nuts, Milk, Soy. Ingredients: Lycasin maltitol...
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Pistachios contain natural sugars.

No Sugar Added Cinnamon Pistachio Bites 10 oz. Zip Bag

Cinnamon flavored pistachio nutmeats without the sugar. Sweet without the calories, delicious! (Contain Splenda) 10 oz-poly zip bag. NOTE: Pistachio nuts contain natural sugars.