Pecan Brittle 10 oz zip bag

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"Great Pecans and Great Brittle" Our buttery, crunchy brittle with delicious pecans in a 10 oz.-poly zip bag., 5 oz. zip bag, or 8 oz. gift can.

Ingredients: Sugar, Light corn syrup(high fructose corn syrup, water, citric acid), pecans (tree nuts), butter (cream(milk),salt), vanilla flavoring (water, vanillan, caramel color, ethyl vanillan, citric acid, sodium benzoate(preservative), baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), vegetable oil spray on pan (water, soybean oil(soy), soy lecithin(soy), potassium sorbate & sorbic acid(preservative),propellant).

Allergens: Tree nuts, Milk, Soy.

NOTE: we do not grow pecans. The pecans used in our recipe may be processed in a facility that processes Peanuts.

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