No Sugar Added Chili Pistachio Brittle

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Our fiery hot brittle without the sugar. Made with lycasin maltitol syrup. NOTE: Pistachio nuts contain natural sugars. Sweet heat! 7 oz-poly zip bag.

Ingredients: lycasin maltitol syrup(hydrogenated glucose syrup or hydrolysed starch 75/60 grade), salted pistachio kernels(tree nuts), sweetner(maltodextrin,sucralose), butter(cream(milk),salt), vanilla flavor(water, vanillan, caramel color, ethyl vanillan, citric acid, sodium benzoate(preservative), baking soda, vegetable spray on pan(water, soybean oil(soy), soy lecithin(soy), potassium sorbate & sorbic acid(preservative), propellant).

Allergens: Tree nuts, Milk, Soy.

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