What Makes PistachioLand Unique?

Posted by PistachioLand on 19th Jun 2021

What Makes PistachioLand Unique?

PistachioLand is America's Famous Farm and a Tourist Trip Destination. The World's Largest Pistachio has attracted many visitors from around the world and many t.v. personalities, movie directors, and magazine writers too. Ozzy, Jack & Kelly Osbourne, Al Roker from The Today Show, Sean Penn, and Norman Reedus are among some of the celebrities who have filmed here.

PistachioLand offers a motorized farm tour around the orchards and vineyards 7 times a day, 7 days a week (except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day). Visitors will be able to see the pistachios growing on the trees and hear about our family history and the harvest process. Tour the 90 acres of pistachio orchards and 14 acres of vineyard. It's a terrific way to view the "farm side" of the destination and the story behind PistachioLand. Inside the country store are two videos that show the pistachio tree harvest process.

PistachoLand is home to a candy kitchen where we produce our very own recipes of pistachio treats like The Ultimate Pistachio Brittle, Award Winning Atomic Hot Chili Pistachio Brittle, pistachio cookies, waffle cones, pistachio fudge, and many chocolates and glazed nuts. We also flavor pistachios with our own unique pistachio flavors created right at PistachioLand. Our winery is also where we produce our Pistachio Delight Wine and many others from the grapes grown on site. We are "Not just a tasting room" because we make our own wine from grapes and other fruit.

PistachioLand Ice Cream parlor serves Blue Bell and Dreyers ice-cream in our farm-made pistachio flavored waffle cones, as well as soda floats, ice cream sundaes, ice cream pistachio cookie sandwiches, and banana splits. YUM! Enjoy your ice cream at one of our many picnic tables outside and watch all of the visitors photographing their own unique Giant Pistachio souvenir photos.

PistachioLand is a geocache location and a Pokestop (Pokemon Go). We also have 8 souvenir penny press designs at our penny press machines inside the country store. Check out our rustic windmill outside of the south side of the country store too. Inside there is also a classic car: 1940 Ford Tudor for the classic car enthusiasts.